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NFRC Fall Meeting Highlights – (September 25, 2015)

WMA Director of Codes and Standards attended the NFRC Fall meeting this past week in Minneapolis, MN.  There were several ballots related to NFRC’s technical standards and the certification program addressed on Tuesday.  Two of these ballot results are good news for WMA members involved in the NFRC certification program and warrant highlighting here.

NFRC Certification Cycle to be Extended – A ballot to extend the product certification period from four years to five years was successfully passed by the NFRC membership and approved by the NFRC Board of Directors on Wednesday.  The impetus for the extension was recent improvements that have strengthened the Product Certification Program (PCP). Extending the cycle from four to five years should also reduce certification costs, which will be a plus for smaller manufacturers.  Read More at NFRC Blogs

NFRC’s Future Simplified Door Rating Method – A technical ballot incorporating a Simplified Door Rating (SDR) Method for side-hinged exterior door systems (SHEDS) was discussed and partially approved by the NFRC membership.  The ballot revises the ANSI/NFRC 100, Procedure for Determining Fenestration Attachment Product U-factors.  Minor modifications will still need to be made and re-balloted for the NFRC Spring Meeting next year before the ballot is fully accepted and included into the NFRC 100.

The NFRC Door Task Group, of which WMA’s Director of Codes and Standards is a member, submitted the ballot and worked on the development of the SDR which is an optional component-based rating method where doorglass assemblies and door slabs are modeled separately.  This will provide a door pre-hanger a simplified means for obtaining a U-factor rating for SHEDS especially when using a doorglass assembly from one supplier and a door slab from another.  It should also make labeling a lot easier.  And it will significantly cut down on the number of product options a manufacturer would need to model to cover all possible options.   It is anticipated that this revision will be finalized and included into the 2017 edition of the ANSI/NFRC 100.