GenNEXT Resources

World Millwork Alliance and The Learning Café have teamed up to provide customized learning experiences and tools to educate managers and business owners about working with today’s multi-generational workforce.

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WMA GenNEXT Employer Resources - The Accelerated Millennial Manager by The Learning Cafe

The Accelerated Millennial Manager

WMA DWM Attracting Millennials to the Millwork Workplace

If We Don’t Build It, They Won’t Come

TLC Millennials Power Point WMA

The Millennials

Conversations That Count - The Learning Cafe

Conversations That Count

What Every Millennial Manager Should Know

Engaging Millennials in Professional-Associations & Conferences

Engaging Millennials in Professional Associations & Conferences


Practices & Policies of Gen-Friendly Organizations

Training Managers to Lead Four Generations: Leadership Fad or the New Essential?

The Essentials of Knowledge Transfer

How The Learning Cafe is Educating Employers

Inside The Learning Cafe Video

Inside the Learning Cafe

GenNEXT Employer Resources Video - Reverse Mentoring by The Learning Cafe

Reverse Mentoring: A DIY Approach

GenNEXT Employer Resources Video - Multi-Generations One Work Place by The Learning Cafe

Multi-Generations, One Work Place

GenNEXT Employer Resources Video - Personal Learning Model by The Learning Cafe

Personal Learning Model