WMA Distributor Recruitment Program

For Today and Tomorrow’s Generation

Refer — Recruit — Win

WMA’s campaign, “Build the Future,” is focused on providing you with even more opportunities to make Connections That Matter to your business and personal growth.  Refer a distributor company to WMA today — when they join, you win. 

Building our community is easy — all you need to do is refer one or more distributor companies to WMA and we’ll take it from there. Look through your database of business associates and – on your next call or visit — introduce the benefits of WMA membership.

Quick Referral Process:

  • Simply forward a distributor name and contact information to joinWMA@WorldMillworkAlliance.com.   
  • When that distributor becomes a member, in appreciation for your support, you’ll be rewarded with numerous, cost-saving options for upcoming 2019 WMA Events.

*Terms and Guidelines – 2019 Build the Future Membership Recruitment Campaign (MRC) is subject to the following terms and conditions: The MRC is in effect from January 18, 2019 through June 30, 2019; any incentive related to the 2019 annual convention will be applied for new distributor members recruited through June 30, 2019. Hotel incentives will only apply to the WMA host hotel contracted, the The Peppermill Resort, Reno, NV; hotel convention incentives for new members recruited are based on the The Peppermill Resort, Reno, NV host hotel availability as it relates to the WMA contracted room block and will not apply to any other hotel. Color ads are subject to the required specifications and submission deadline dates for ads. Exhibit booth discounts will be applied either towards a) an exhibit booth upgrade, b) discount at the time of exhibit contracting, or c) a discount will be applied post event to the qualifying member manufacturer exhibitor by the original payment method. Incentives associated with annual membership dues would be applied towards 2019 membership dues of the recruiting company; non-member new distributor applicants must reference the referring member by name and company on the membership application at the time the application is submitted to WMA in order to credit the referring member with program incentives; a distributor applicant must qualify in accordance with the WMA By-laws and must be approved by the WMA board of directors and membership committee; and the applicant must be in good standing with dues paid in full. WMA has the right to deny membership should the applicant not meet the WMA Bylaw membership criteria and/or is not approved by the Board of Directors. Rewards or any other incentive associated with the 2019 MRC, or any other WMA promotion or campaign, are not transferrable to any other year, company, entity, person or employee within or outside the referring member company (or person) with the exception of the MRC dues incentive to be credited and/or applied towards 2020 year membership dues incentives as stated. All 2019 MRC incentives are not redeemable for future credit, monies, cash value, a voucher or applied to any other portion, or in part, of the WMA unless named in the MRC Terms and Guidelines; WMA members will be notified of dues incentives; however, it is the responsibility of the member to follow up with the Association in obtaining all other incentive(s). WMA is not responsible or obligated to fulfill unclaimed WMA member incentives, to locate or contact a referring member who is no longer with the company named on the membership application. WMA reserves the right at any time to eliminate, void, change or alter any incentive associated with the 2019 WMA MRC.