ATTENTION: WMA Distributor Members WMA Meeting Notice – WMA Annual Distributor Business Meeting

3:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

WMA will hold its Annual Distributor Business Meeting during the WMA Annual Convention. The Distributor Business Meeting (DBM) is open to all active Distributor members who are present at the convention. Distributor members are voting delegates of the organization and will be voting at the meeting to elect new board members. The meeting agenda will include information on the Association’s fiscal status, organization operations and an update from WMA leaders.

All active WMA Distributor members are encouraged to attend the Annual Distributor Business Meeting.

WMA By-Laws Approved

On July 23, 2019, WMA Distributor members approved the revisions to its by-laws with 89% approval of the responding distributor votes. In March, the WMA Board of Directors determined a by-law change was necessary to enable the association senior executive as president/CEO to move swiftly and authoritatively with financial institutions, government and state association documents. The amended by-laws are in effect now and available on the WMA website.

BMC Announces the Acquisition of Kingston Lumber, Enhancing its Customer Base and Service Capabilities in the Pacific Northwest

BMC Stock Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: BMCH) (“BMC” or the “Company”), a leading provider of diversified lumber and building materials and solutions to new construction builders and professional remodelers in the U.S., announced today that it has acquired Kingston Lumber, a leading supplier of building materials to custom builders and professional remodelers in Kingston, Washington.

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More Investors Take on Build-To-Rent Housing Trend

Homebuilders are stepping up to the plate and becoming landlords in the latest growing housing industry trend. According to CNBC, more and more single-family homes are being built just to be rented out.

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US Manufacturing At ‘Frontier’ of Aging American Workforce: Why That’s a Problem

An aging U.S. population, and labor force, is weighing particularly heavy on one sector of the economy – manufacturing.

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SBA Raises Revenue Limits for Small Business Certifications

Effective Aug. 19, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is raising its monetary-based small business size standards for inflation by an average of 8.4%, an adjustment that the administration expects will allow 90,000 additional companies to participate in its loan and contracting programs. The SBA said that this increase could result in $750 million more total contracts awarded to small businesses and as much as $65 million more in small business loans.

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U.S. Adds A Respectable 164,000 Jobs In July: Good News For Housing?

The Labor Department’s much-anticipated July jobs report released Friday morning offers a mixed bag for real estate. The upside is that a tight labor market will continue to underpin the housing market like a safety net for now.

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Fraud and Misrepresentation in Retail Forest Products Exceeds U.S. Forensic Wood Science Capacity – SPECIAL REPORT

Fraud and misrepresentation in forest products supply chains is often associated with illegal logging, but the extent of fraud in the U.S. forest products market, and the availability of forensic expertise to detect it, is unknown.

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Trump Dismisses Fears of Long-Lasting Trade War; China Sees Severe Global Impact

U.S. President Donald Trump dismissed fears of a protracted trade war with China on Tuesday despite a warning from Beijing that labeling it a currency manipulator would have severe consequences for the global financial order.

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Colorado Requires Localities Adopt One of Last Three IECC Codes

Colorado jurisdictions now must adopt one of the three most recent versions of the IECC as a minimum code, when they update any other building code.

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Why B2B Marketers Must Leverage Ratings and Reviews for Growth

Buyers rely heavily on consumer reviews. In fact, 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase software, services, and other business solutions after reading a trusted review. This is because up until recently, everything people heard about products came from advertisers.

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Dank Dilemma: The Unregulated CBD Market and Drug Testing

Workers and employers are in a hazy situation when it comes to untested CBD products. “We are in the Wild Wild West when it comes to CBD,” Adele Abrams exclaimed to a crowded room of attendees at the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Safety 2019 conference.

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Forming Business Partnerships and Flexing Your Muscles

Many salespeople want to spend most of their time trying to capture new accounts. However, unless you represent a start-up company, then the biggest chunk of your business growth in any given year will come from the growth of existing customers.

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I Want it Now

Understanding that the Millennial generation represents a huge opportunity for our dealer partners, I spend a lot of time trying to gain insight into their thought processes and buying habits. In the process, one of the things that I read a lot about includes the concept of “delayed gratification.”

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Consultants a Waste Minus an Adaptable CEO

I often say being a CEO is the most personal of jobs. It’s difficult to separate the person from the role, and good character is fundamental to the position. This is why hiring consultants can be tricky territory for a CEO who isn’t open-minded and doesn’t handle it correctly.

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How to Quickly Create Empathy-Based Connections With Sales Prospects

“Do you have any suggestions for quickly creating empathy with sales prospects?” Tom Martin answers, hoping you will find some value as you work to leverage empathy-based sales prospecting to help you #SellGreatly.

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Building Your Case

Bradley Hartmann welcomes the show’s first ever legal expert – JP Sherry, of JPS Law. Hartmann and Sherry discuss the best ways to ensure you are protecting your business and how to help your employees garner respect in the workplace.

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