2019 Annual Convention Highlights

Speakers and Presentations

Managing in an Uncertain Economy

Alex Chausovsky
ITR Economics

Do you know what to expect from the economy for the remainder of 2019 and beyond?  ITR’s expert views will update attendees on industry trends, business to business activity trade, inflation, interest rates and more.  Attendees will learn about a method by which their company can take advantage of their own data to make better informed e-decisions based on the economic environment.  Using leading indicators, the audience will find out how to identify where they are in the business cycle and which inputs should guide their business strategy to help them make the right decisions at the right time.

About the Speaker

Alex Chausovsky
ITR Economics

Alex Chausovsky is an accomplished Speaker and Consultant at ITR Economics. He is a highly experienced market researcher and analyst with more than a decade of expertise in subjects that include macroeconomics, industrial manufacturing, energy efficiency, automation, and advanced technology trends. He has consulted and advised companies throughout the U.S., Europe, Brazil, China and Japan for the last fifteen years.  Click here to View More About Alex Chausovsky and ITR Economics.

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What Purchasing Managers Say Behind Your Back: Sales Skills from the Other Side of the Desk

Bradley Hartmann
Behind Your Back Sales

In this engaging and interactive 90-minute workshop focused exclusively on millwork sales leadership, Bradley Hartmann will dissect the buying process from “the other side of the desk”—how builders prefer to buy. Drawing on his experience building more than 1000 homes and his years spent purchasing millwork for seven midwestern markets for a national home builder, Hartmann will reveal the specific sales strategies and tactics that build trust, authority, curiosity, and likability—all based on small changes that lead to big results.

Takeaways / Learning objectives

  • Learn the 3-step formula to immediately differentiate yourself in the eyes of a purchasing manager/owner.
  • Review the best questions to ask decision makers to focus the conversation on value vs. price.
  • Discuss the single most common mistake sales reps make in preparing for their first prospect meeting.
  • Understand how the best sales reps continuously deliver value when prospects are not in buying mode.
  • Learn the negotiation tactics purchasing managers/owners are using against you to shrink your profit margins.

About the Speaker

Bradley Hartmann was born into the lumber and millwork business. The son of an LBM manager, he began working in lumber yards at the age of 14 and worked

Bradley Hartmann
Behind Your Back Sales

in various segments of the LBM industry throughout high school and college. Upon graduation from the University

of Illinois, Hartmann joined national builder Pulte Homes. After building over 1000 homes, Hartmann transitioned into an Area Purchasing role, buying millwork among other materials and labor for seven midwestern markets from Ohio to Colorado. In 2011, Hartmann launched his own training and consulting firm helping dealers make it easier for builders to buy. Hartmann helps sales teams across the country increase revenues at higher margins while making selling more fun. Hartmann has written 6 books for the industry, most recently The Skeptical Lumberman Guide to Social Media. Hartmann hosts The Behind Your Back Podcast, an LBM-specific sales leadership podcast. Hartmann lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife and two sons. Visit Bradleys’ website at www.behindyourbacksales.com

Game Plan for a Revolution in the Millwork Industry

Greg Brooks
Building Supply Channel, Inc.

As of June, the U.S. economy marked its longest expansion in modern history. Yet housing is stuck at 1.3 million starts per year when we need at least 1.5 million, and analysts say this is as good as it’s going to get. It’s no wonder so many believe residential construction needs to be reinvented from the ground up—and no wonder that billions of dollars are pouring in to make it happen.

Powerful new equity-backed competitors are emerging, and they play by a different set of rules. So far, their reach is limited. It won’t be forever. The time to formulate your game plan is now.

About the Speaker

Greg Brooks is moderator of the Executive Council on Construction Supply, an alliance of independent dealers and distributors with over $8 billion in combined annual sales. Brooks is a former editor of ProSales, author of Scope of the Lumber & Building Material Industry, a steering committee member at the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, and a 48-year veteran of the construction supply industry.

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How OSHA Programs Can Enhance Your Safety Program


Todd Brady
OSHA Compliance Officer

Maintaining an active safety program positions your company to be proactive or forward-thinking when it comes to eliminating safety hazards.  Implementing a safety management system and tracking leading indicators to create a safe working environment improves morale, instills a sense of company pride, and ultimately supports quality products and services.

So how does your company’s safety program stack up?  In this session, OSHA Compliance Officer, Todd Brady will explain how the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can play a key role in creating and/or enhancing your safety program.  OSHA is not just about enforcement.

Get informed and find out about OSHA’s:

  • Individual safety training courses through the OSHA Education Center.
  • Cooperative Programs
    • Onsite Consultation Program and the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP)
    • Challenge Program
    • Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)
    • Alliance Program
    • Strategic Partnership Program

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