Ignite Leadership Conference 2018 WMA

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What Members are Saying About the WMA Ignite Leadership Conference:

"Wow! Great venue and informative meeting."
Dan Schaffer, Reeb Millwork Corporation
"The presentation by IRCG was exactly what a young aggressive company like SSI Millwork and Fence needed. We can now go forth and better manage our growth. Thanks!"
Robbie Higginbotham, SSI Millwork
"Making lasting connections with others in our industry was fantastic. I now know leaders that I can call on and bounce ideas off of. I’m sure they have experienced it all and that will shorten our learning curve."
Robbie Higginbotham, SSI Millwork
"The WMA Ignite Leadership Conference was excellent. As always, Michael Marks was on point with relevant information that was perfectly timed for our current industry state. The venue was perfect and allowed for great interaction from all ends of the Millwork community!"
Mac Mayberry, ECMD, Inc.

Highlights from the 2018 Conference

WMA Ignite Leadership Conference – A winner for all attendees!

“The WMA Ignite Leadership Conference was excellent. Wow! Great venue and informative meeting.”  That’s what attendees at the WMA Ignite Leadership Conference had to comment about the May conference that took place at The Greenbrier Resort & Spa in White Sulphur Springs, WV.

The conference included WMA distributors, manufacturers, reps and first-time attendees, and spouses.  WMA members welcomed the education and networking opportunities planned for the  three-day event program.  Featured guest speaker and business advisor, Michael Marks of the Indian River Consulting Group (IRCG) again exceeded all expectations; “as always, Michael Marks was on point with relevant information that was perfectly timed for our current industry state.”

The conference opened with the WMA Golf Tournament.  Congratulations to the golf team winners: Dan Schaffer, Reeb Millwork; LJ Meynard, SSI Millwork; Mayberry, ECMD, Inc.; and John Hanna, Central Woodwork. After the tournament, attendees had a chance to meet one another while enjoying a beautiful sunset at the Welcome Reception and Dinner.

Everyone rose early to meet for the Team Building event which was a big smash with attendees. Loads of fun and comradery.  After lunch, members headed out to tour the historic Bunker.

The conference closed with an evening of socializing and gourmet cuisine from the award-winning Greenbrier and then an exchange of good-byes and see you in Memphis at the WMA Convention.

Thank you to all the WMA members that attended.  WMA would like to acknowledge and thank DMSi as a contributing sponsor of the event.

View post event comments, photos, and videos of the WMA Ignite Leadership Conference on the WMA website.

World Millwork Alliance (WMA) held its IGNITE Leadership Conference on May 1-4, 2018
at The Greenbrier located in White Sulphur Springs W.V.

About WMA’s IGNITE Leadership Conference

The purpose of the IGNITE Leadership Conference is to inspire and re-energize skilled leaders, and encourage younger leaders, to engage in thought provoking education and to challenge one’s self to continue to develop as a leader. The team building event, keynote presentation, and social networking will provide you with the tools you need to IGNITE and succeed as a leader. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other leaders and learn from their experiences as well as share your own knowledge and practices. There are a lot of reasons you should be interested in attending – but you only need the top 5.

Resilience  The conference theme is to IGNITE – your Resilience – we’ve all had those days when you’re ready to be somewhere else, but a successful leader knows how to be resilient to ever changing environments and to lead others. IGNITE your power or resilience, and prepare to use it every day.
Effective Leadership Effective leaders inspire and lead their employees, co-workers and peers by example. IGNITE will assist in developing key strengths while promoting team comradery, critical thinking and execution in our team building event.
Networking Social and interactive activities place attendees in an environment that makes it easier to network with others; such as the education workshop and team building event. Meeting with like-minded people opens the doors to learning and relationship building. Sign up for the WMA Golf Tournament – It’s a great icebreaker!
Ignite Your Co-workers When you return to the workplace refreshed and energized with a positive take-a-way from the conference, this will be a bonus for your employees. Share your experience and thoughts with those around you and IGNITE your co-workers.
Do It for YOU and Invest and Retain a Young Leader There’s always a reason or one hundred other things going on, right? Invest in yourself and bring a young leader. Give him or her the chance to experience this unique opportunity. It starts with you blocking the time to do it. Our industry is moving faster and so are the people in it. We need to stay connected and at the top of our game. Sometimes that means investing in ourselves and our employees. The IGNITE Leadership Conference is a perfect combination of education, best practices, networking and even adventure to empower and IGNITE you.