Effective committee participation brings together viewpoints which might not otherwise be heard. As a committee member, you can help the Board create value for our members and accomplish the association’s strategic goals, reaching new directions in a tangible and measurable way.

The benefits of being a WMA Committee member:

  • Develop professional relationships.
  • Strengthen connections in the millwork industry.
  • Exchange information and gain a new prospective.
  • Inspire ideas and be inspired by your peers.
  • Establish contacts with industry decision makers.
  • Acquire further knowledge of the industry on a committee.
  • Contribute to the success of the millwork industry and World Millwork Alliance.
  • Increase company visibility.

Ad Hoc Codes & Standards Strategy Committee
To implement strategies for presentation purposes in support of the WMA 100 standard or in opposition of any proposed standard by WMA.

Interpretations Policy Committee
To provide upon request clarification of language set forth in the WMA 100 document, as well as direction on the implementation of the standard itself.

Associates Committee
To evaluate the needs and interest of all Associate members; to obtain member input to enhance education, added value, membership growth, meetings and conferences, marketing the association, sponsorship and direction to the association.

Codes & Policy Advocacy Group
To develop and foster needed relationships with state stakeholders who affect the present and future factors which promote or impair the millwork and building industry growth.

Education Committee
To evaluate the needs and interests of member companies; plan, organize and direct educational programs; inform the Association of market conditions, production developments; and promote the education and utilization of technology in the millwork industry.

Event Program Committee
To provide suggestions and solicit ideas to enhance the WMA Annual Convention and networking events, resulting in successful event programs valued by WMA members.

Finance Committee
Review and recommend the annual operating budget, financial policies, investment guidelines and strategy, audited financial statements, tax return and any other item with financial implications to the Association.

Industry Standards & Certification Committee
To educate and represent the WMA membership in issues of standards and codes by which they are affected.

Long Range Planning Committee
To establish an Association strategic plan to produce such objectives as Association growth, industry position, favorable construction measures and sound activities that benefit the membership.

Membership Committee
To act in support of the WMA strategic plan to retain current members by meeting or exceeding their expectations; to increase membership by marketing services and support which add to/or improve each company’s value; and by ensuring the integrity of the WMA membership bylaws.

Ron Taylor Award Committee
To honor the memory of Ron Taylor by recognizing an individual who represents the highest values, integrity and character that our industry and WMA represents.

Safety Committee
To improve the millwork industry safety environment by creating awareness of key issues, and encouraging members to utilize the opportunities and programs available to eliminate hazards, and enhance workplace safety and health practices.