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Through our annual conference, trade show, regional events, plant tours and networking opportunities, WMA opens the door to connections that matter. Our exclusive WMA Membership Portal offers countless ways for our members to connect, learn, participate, advise, promote, share, engage, and grow.  JOIN WMA

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For over 50 years, WMA has engaged in advocacy for millwork distributors and manufacturers in legislation, while protecting our industry standards. WMA is your voice and representative with affiliate organizations, representing your interests and helping to raise the standards across the millwork industry. LEARN MORE

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Our association is dedicated to strengthening the millwork community through our online education and certification courses, webinars, and industry news and resources. Our business is building your business. Take advantage of WMA’s educational and professional development resources to help your business grow and prosper. LEARN MORE

  • WMA News Brief – May 26, 2016

    WMA News Brief – May 26, 2016

    MEMBER ANNOUNCEMENTS WMA Member Honored By The Heritage Foundation James and Melisha McAlister WASHINGTON, May 5, 2016—James and Melisha McAlister, part-owners of the Clem Lumber …
  • President Obama Signs Tariff Relief Bill

    President Obama Signs Tariff Relief Bill

    The Hill reports that last Friday President Obama signed “a long-delayed tariff relief bill aimed at helping U.S. manufacturers save billions in costs.” The Miscellaneous …
  • Over 20% of Home Builders Have Already Used Aerial Drones

    Over 20% of Home Builders Have Already Used Aerial Drones

    Results from a recent NAHB survey of single-family builders show that a majority of them (66 percent) are aware that unmanned aerial vehicles (i.e., drones) …
  • Federal Reserve: Mortgage debt rises to 4-year high

    Federal Reserve: Mortgage debt rises to 4-year high

    The amount of money that Americans owe to mortgage lenders rose to the highest level in more than four years during the first quarter, according …
  • Hurricane Season Approaches

    Hurricane Season Approaches

    Hurricane season officially starts on June 1. And officially, this month marks a new record for the United States, reported CNSnews.com: It has been “127 …

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Codes & Standards Update

April Showers Bring May Flowers… For the Most Part

By Jessica Ferris, WMA Director of Codes and Standards May 4, 2016
I’m settling back into the swing of things after having gone through a chockablock month of codes and standards development. First stop, NFRC Spring Membership Meeting; then the Florida Building Commission Technical Advisory Committee[+]

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